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                                                      Foster Home’s are Like Healing Havens


Imagine Changing a Life Forever… if you have a little space, and a little time and a lot of love… you could make a huge difference in a dog’s life. Fortunately most dogs are fine with the new adventure of running with a new ‘pack’ after being brought to the rescue.  They eat and play with the other dogs and can relate favorably to the new people in their lives.  These dogs do well in the Kennel and at the Adoption Fairs.  However, some dogs are more sensitive, they have special needs that can only be met in the healing, quiet atmosphere of a home. They not only mourn the loss of their former family, but also their place in the only pack they have ever known. These dogs often develop separation anxiety and need extra tender loving care.


Foster homes are always needed… because our rescue takes many different dogs with a variety of needs… they often take in dogs that other rescues have turned down.  The rewards of Fostering are countless, although not without challenges, however when you see the personality blossom of a dog that was once so scared it was incapable of playing with toys or trusting humans, all the challenges seem to disappear. Simply by opening up your home and your heart to a displaced pet and just loving and caring for it you literally could save it’s life by making it an adoptable dog.


Lil Angel, a Beagle/Chihuahua mix is a good example of a dog in desperate need of the security of a Foster Home.  She was so paralyzed with fear and despair after being turned in from her owners… she wouldn’t eat or even go potty! We remembered that she came from a Spanish speaking family, so we quickly learned a few words such as Bano (bathroom) and Perro Bueno (good dog).  This helped make her transition much smoother.  In fact after a short time in foster care, she was ready to go up for adoption!  Lil Angel found the perfect forever home with a really sweet couple in Redlands. 

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