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"I was saved from the shelter when I was rescued with my other beagle/lab mix brothers & sisters.  It was a close call too, because we were too young to be adopted and needed to be taken care of for four weeks before finding our wonderful forever homes," Cutiepie the puppy.

Thanks for stopping by our website, we appreciate your support. PUPS & Beagle Angels Rescue Network is group of individuals that volunteer our time to help Beagles and their friends in need. We do not have any financial aid from the county although we are called upon from the local shelters when a dog is on its last day. We also take in strays and owner turn ins. We are dedicated to helping as many dogs as room permits. Please call us if you have a puppy or dog that needs to be placed, or need spay & neuter information.

TLC with PUPS  mission is to rescue homeless, displaced shelter dogs, orphaned puppies (even bottlefeeds) pregnant moms and whelped litters. Our Rescue goals includes: providing loving care in our foster home program, vaccinations, medical care and altering. We are a network of volunteers that dedicate our time and resources to care for and rehabilite dogs that unfortunately end up at the shelter for a variety of reasons, with the ultimate goal of placing them in forever homes. Donations are used for the care of all of the pups at our no-kill rescue, our community events, education and altering mission.

Our other goals include education and support to help those that need to alter their pets, Please call or email us for low cost spay & neuter information in your area. Please spay & neuter your pets & that will help all the rescues, shelters & especially the dogs & cats that end up at the county & city shelters!